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What to Expect When You Apply For Permits

We're so glad to have you following along: our latest blog series is geared to preparing you for your big Spring renovations. So whether you are renovating your home or a business, we want to make sure that your project goes along with as little hiccups as possible.

Today, we're talking all things building permits. Sometimes, this is the part of the process that surprises my clients the most because they either didn't consider it as a requirement to begin with, or they didn't educate themselves on the process within their local jurisdiction.

Please note: these notes are just my opinion, and should be checked with your local city hall or permitting office.

1. Expect To Have To Provide Drawings

If you are applying for a business permit, or to do substantial renovations to your home you will likely need to provide drawings. Contact your local permitting office: most of the information you require will be posted on their website. Some things you may be required to provide: demolition plan, a plan showing proposed changes, at least one section of your building along with a site plan.

If you are working with a design partner or engineering firm, they should be able to handle the bulk of this.

2. It Takes Time

As with all things that involve government approval, getting your permits take time. If you call your permitting office in advance, they can often advise you on the estimated wait time.

3. There May Be Revisions Required

If any additional information needs to be added, or there are any questions you may be required to make the changes and resubmit. Adding additional time to the permit process.

4. It's All Project Dependant

The requirements of the city will all vary from jurisdiction to jursidiction all will also vary according to the scope of your project. There may be requirements to review vapor barriers, insulation, thermal bridging, structural integrity: these are just a few of the key areas that may require attention.

5. You May Need Professional Engineer Approval

Depending on the changes you are making to the existing structure, your drawing may need to be reviewed by an accredited engineer for stamping.

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