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4 Way to Plan Your Renovation Project Better

Last week we took a look at why you need to be planning for your Spring renovation now. If you missed it, check it out here!

This week, we're looking at the elements you need to consider when project planning.

1. Research

By getting a handle on your project planning now, you have the time to research product and service options. So whether you're trying to decide on whether hardwood or laminate is right for you, or whether you're interviewing plumbers in your neighborhood, by having your project clearly outlined you will have more clarity on what to research, how much you need, and who you might need to engage.

By getting ahead of your project, you can also take your time in interviewing contractors, asking for references and really hunting down the right people to support you on your job. Doing the leg work early, should help alleviate some major pains later on the project path.

2. Permit Planning

Linked to point number 1: you will want to research now what permits you will need, and what you require to get them. From electrical changes, to structural enhancements different jurisdictions have varying requirements for the changes you want to make. Having a thorough understanding of these requirements early on, will again help you avoid detours later down the road.

Beyond that, you will want to do your homework to understand timing: how long does it take your jurisdiction to issue permits? Is an on-site inspection required? Who is going to pull the permits: you or your contractors?

Do this work early and you won't be surprised by a 4 week lead time at city hall, or an unexpected stop work order that will grind your project to a hault.

3. Get Plans!

This is where Shakespeare MnD comes in: by planning your renovation in advance and securing the support of a designer you can have a clear set of drawings so that you can share your vision without ambiguity with contractors. Drawings ensure you have laid out your vision in a common language with your trades team, and will get you prepared for both point 2 and help with our next point 4. Further, drawings are often required for various permits, so getting these done early will help you expedite that process later on.

4. Material Lists

A family member recently renovated an entire house - but didn't do the project planning process thoroughly in advance. They were shocked to see how much material they hadn't planned for including new drywall, screws, nails, glue: the small stuff! A thorough planning process, including getting drawings can help you better plan for the little things and will support you and/or your trades partners to secure the right amount of materials for the job!

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