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3 Reasons To Start Planning Your Spring Renovation NOW

With the conclusion of the holiday season, and Canadian winter forcing many of us indoors, we can get itchy for some change within our homes: we're spending enough time within them, afterall. And lucky for you, January is definitely the time of year to get started planning your renovations for the Spring building season.

This January, at Shakespeare Measure & Design we're looking at all of the elements of renovation planning so that you can kick off your project right, complete it with minimal unplanned hiccups, and with all luck finish it one time and within budget.

First things first: we know, Spring feels like a lifetime away: so why start planning now? We've got 5 reasons you should be planning NOW!

1. Project Size & Scope

Without planning now, you may be envisioning a project to be larger (but let's face it, it's you probably think it's smaller) than it actually is. My wife has a habit of "planning" by pointing at a wall and saying "Oh, it's not structural, we can just move that." She often misses out on the details like needing to refinish the ceiling and floors - cause when you "just move" that wall there are other elements that you'll want to plan for. And frankly, without planning and clearly defining your project scope, you may end up opening an endless can of worms and creating a project you wish you hadn't started.

If you take the time now to get a handle on the REAL project size and scope, you can plan for a productive Spring renovation. You are less likely to under budget, and be suprised by project creep later in the process.

2. Budget

Let's face it: budget is almost always a factor in our projects: and this part can easily get to be a swift kick in the gut if you haven't done your homework in advance. By planning now, you can start to generate quotes for materials and services, and more importantly, you can start to save! Plan early. Budget accordingly.

3. Secure Your Trades Partners

Whether you're hiring a plumber, electrician or general contractors the Spring is a busy time for home renovations. Start planning now to interview, review and book your preferred contractors!

Considering a sizeable renovation and needing some architectural or structural design support? With over a decade of experience in engineering consulting and architectural design we have supported projects across the country including residential, retail, and commercial projects with engineers, architects, interior designers, contractors and homeowners alike. Our dedication to delivering the very finest possible service has earned us a reputation for going above and beyond to satisfy the needs of our clients. We currently support clients throughout BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan.

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